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2008-2014 Neighborhood Indicators Project


Learn about data updates when they happen. Email us at to be added to the list.


With the completion of the 2014 Indicator tabulations, the Neighborhood Indicators project now has 6 years of time-series data for dozens of variables. Users can explore these data for the city's 62 Planning Districts and 96 Neighborhoods using the tools available on this site.


The 2014 NI highlights and project info can be found in the Pdf Reports link. A print ready map series is provided in Appendix C of the annual report.


Periodically the sourcing and methods of indicator items undergo changes from year to year. While we hope that these changes produce improved measure moving forward it means that time series data are not comparable in some instances. Source information about each item is provided in the Definitions link.


The Help link provides answers to FAQs and a brief narrative video demonstrating use of the site.  The NI staff welcomes your feedback and suggestions through the Contact link.